Hi, I’m Krupa…

A research leader & trainer / speaker / coach for women of colour /
podcast panellist &
women’s health advocate

My values drive my work


Showing up as my true authentic self and participating in work which makes a true difference to the World


I take pride in learning and growing as an individual so that I can use my knowledge to help individuals and the organisations I work with.


Through treating people as equal, working as a community so we can all achieve better outcomes.


I have a deep, genuine interest in people and want to understand their needs, wants and motivations so that I can work alongside them to design better solutions

Services I offer


As an accredited & Psychological Behavioural Coach, I offer coaching options for corporate companies and individuals. I specialise in coaching Women of Colour to surpass their own, cultural and societal expectations.


I work with organisations of all sizes in a variety of ways to help them build their Human Centred Design capability. Providing you with a flexible approach from outlining the tools you need to run a research team, to building, upskilling and training research teams.

Alternatively working with you on an on-going basis to provide research leadership.

Women’s Health

I’m passionate about women’s health.

I work with companies to advise on strategies to learn more about their Customers,

I blog about women’s health and

Work with organisations to coach Women of Colour


I regularly speak at conferences, roundtable events & contribute to podcasts.

I’m available to speak on topics relating to building research teams, Human Centred Design, Women’s Health & working with Women of Colour to break barriers.